About me

Hello!  I’m Daisy D’Aquino Filocre and I’m deeply interested in all things related to micro-finance! I’m currently based in Brazil and have over 14 years of experience in micro-finance, working for a national development bank. I’m also involved with social projects, specifically ones focused on youth, economic markets and finance inclusions.
Graduated in Business Administration, I am specialized in Third Sector Management and hold a postgrad in Corporation Sustainable Responsibility from the Dom Cabral Foundation (Brazil). My final post grad project was about the“Carbon Credit Market”. Additionally I hold a Master’s degree from the Graduate Institute (Geneva) in Development Studies. My Master dissertation’s subject was “The Social Performance of Microcredit” with a focus on employment impacts.
I joined MyTransfer Luxembourg SA (www.mytransfer.net); I am a member of the European Microfinance Platform (http://www.e-mfp.eu), Social Performance Task Force and Social Performance Management. I represent American communities and Caribbean at the World Diaspora Fund (http://www.diasporafund.com).
On top of all this, I am the former President Director of the Instituto de Cidadania dos Empregados do BDMG – INDEC (voluntary), which supports social projects, especially children’s health and education.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Cara Daisy,
    Qual teu email para contato?

    Atenciosamente, um abraço,
    Rodrigo Marques Quintas.

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